About Us

About Et Toi

We formulate our skincare using clean, natural and nature identical ingredients, backed by science. We are confident in their ability to repair damage, rebuild the skin’s protective barrier and promote overall skin health. Moreover, we do not believe in unnecessary filler ingredients, meaning that each of our ingredients has been selected with intention, to create gentle, effective formulations that your skin will love.

Our Mission

Skincare to encourage meditative moments of self-reflection and to advocate community driven support via educational resources. We hope that our high quality skincare products can double as merchandise for mental health awareness and be symbolic of your commitment to genuine self-care. Et Toi aspires to grow a community in which conversation surrounding mental health and mental illness is welcomed, stigma free.

Our Vision

As Et Toi evolves, we intend on broadening and diversifying our product range as well as our social impact. One way that we will be engaging with our mental health mission is through social enterprise, by dedicating 10% of our profits to our friends at One Eighty. To learn more about One Eighty and their wonderful projects, head to their website here.


Two years in the making, Lolly launched Et Toi in 2022, combining two of her greatest passions — mental well-being and skincare. Her devotion to mental health advocacy came about very early on, growing up in circumstances heavily affected by mental illness. Lolly is thankful that she is now able to use Et Toi's platform to host candid conversations surrounding mental health, opening up a space for welcoming support and practical education.